#Operation Bangladesh
pwned by UGMH
Hacked By Union of underGround Myanmar Hackers
There is no more place for Boat_peoples

"Who is Rohingya ? Here are the facts about Rohingya.
1. Rohingyas are not Burmese. They called themselves as Rohingya. There are no such people in
Burmese history and census. 2. Rohingyas are in fact Bengali who speaks Bengali dialect,dress Bengali clothes
and eat Bengali food and have Bengali cultures. 3. Rohingyas are illegal immigrants who illegally entered to
Myanmar from Bangladesh. 4. The Burmese government gave citizenship to many Rohingyas, but more and more
illegal immigrant Rohingyas comes from Bangladesh every year. 5. When they became citizenship, they are equal
under the law. No one may be discriminated against on the basis of their race, religion, ethnic group, or gender.
6. Rohingya raped underage girls (under 13 years old), tortured them and killed these little girls. 7. Rohingya bullied
Rakhine people, did several arson attacks, killed hundreds of Rakhine people and burnt thousands of houses.
8. Rohingya has been trained by fundamentalist Taliban and Al Qaeda (cited from wikileaks and other credible news).
9. Rohingya owns thousands of guns to shoot Rakhine people. (Please go to Rakhine state and research it.
Dozens of Rakhine people are killed by Rohingya bullets) Myth 1. They cannot marry and have children.
Government restricts them. Fact : Rohingya population extremely increases every year in Myanmar.
The rate is higher than Myanmar population rate. How come their population increases every year? Myth 2. They have discrimination on religion. They don't have freedom of religion. Fact : There are many mosques built by Rohingya in Rakhine state. If they have restriction on religion, how come hundreds mosques in Rakhine state? Myth 3. They are so poor that they don't have anything to eat. FACT : The truth is they just want to get free money from UNHCR or organizations. They built a lot of nice houshey are native people. They allied with Taliban as well as Al Qaeda, and they want to kick Rakhine people out of Rakhine state. They want to govern Rakhine state as their own state."

Greetz: All Myanmar UnderGround Hackers , Anonymous Jumland,R3b311!0n & Jumm0_z0mbi3