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Earn Money Online

April 11th, 2014

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Whatever I am going to say here; it is from my experience while walking from here and there at the very beginning of my Freelancing. I have studied on earn money online and work at different platforms for different clients. I have gathered knowledge and experienced in outsourcing. And just going to draw a clear picture what I have faced and got positive results. Hope to offer you a little bit concept which will help you in the long learn. Those who are thinking to start freelancing, new in outsourcing, or have primary experience can be benefited being here. So be patient and read the article attentively. I would request the honorable reader to inform me your good thoughts and help me to rectify.


All countries are not doing well in freelancing. work from anywhereDeveloping countries are doing better than developed countries in this field. However, wherever you are, you can join in freelancing with your skills and talents. But when you are stepping to freelancing you need to be confident and determined to touch the goal. One negative thing is “most are dropping down” from the effort to earn money online. If you can discover your hidden treasures and have continuous efforts and hard work you are sure to succeed in freelancing. So at first you have to leave your hesitation and confusion. Fix your goal where you can make the best use of your talents


You may become become impatient to read the long story; but it needs to realize the fact happening in the fields of freelancing. So you need to learn the real method to earn money online. Say you do not know any work well. As you have come here you, you have computer device and the internet; so freelancing is for you. You can start even with the skill of typing, but here you will face hundreds of competitors in any freelancing platform like oDesk, Elance or Freelancer. But you can work as an entry level freelancer with your Microsoft Office skills; if you deserve it. So you can start with any entry level skills and get ready with effective high level expertise. For this you can learn Web Development, Web Apps, Compute apps, Graphic design etc.


Where will you get the jobs online?

You can work with Web Development, Writing & Translation, Customer Service, Software Development, Sales & Marketing, Administrative Support, Graphics Design & Multimedia, Networking & Information Systems, Business Services and many more. In sub category you can work online on web research, copying, pasting, data entry, article writing, forum posting, Affiliate marketing, e – mail marketing and hundreds more you can choose according to your expertise. Now the websites, platforms to work on; they are oDesk where you can work from very entry level to very expert level; you can bid from $0.01 to $50,000.00 for fixed price jobs. For hourly jobs, you have guaranteed to get payment. But for a fixed price job you need to negotiate with the clients you are working for.

Another renowned online platform is Elance where you can work with no tension. I would like to call it as an elite site for freelancer, especially for Freelancer. Here payment is guaranteed for both hourly and fixed price jobs. Here you need to sign up free of cost and start work online. There are some important and critical points to set up a complete profile in oDesk and Elance. Never be worried for drawing money or spend money for method of drawing money before you have deposited money in your account. 

100% oDesk profile

After completing the oDesk profile you need to have a test which is oDesk Readiness test. To complete the oDesk profile 100% this exam is very important. Remember it is not any boundness to get job in oDesk but it is a very important part to have a good and established oDesk profile. If you don’t take part in this test and pass you can’t go for a complete profile. But you can apply job in a limited quota in this incomplete oDesk profile. If you are expert in any subljet of oDesk job category I have mentioned above, you can try for that categorie of job. In this case you have to pass in test of your category. Remember Patience is the key to success in freelancing to earn money online. If you follow some tips you are sure to get job in oDesk and other freelancing job sites.



Sample article

November 16th, 2013




Article Sample asked by client 150 Words

I am going on well with my main profession, teaching, I often thought to get relieved from monotony. I assumed for a long time to select the way for my extra job other than main profession. Then I decided to make a combination of my IT knowledge for extra earning by freelancing. I studied the ins and outs of freelancing and saw that there is a good technique to work as per my own schedule to earn extra money.  I see freelancing can change me personally and professionally. This advantage is a wonderful way to verify my extraordinary expertise through freelancing and may be taken as a part time job.  The right decision for me to emphasize my recent life and financial contexts.  I am sure, each specific requirement to take into attention their various capabilities and the market they intend on entering, but I consider, a strong will and commitment to achieve as a freelance professional, I will be acquiring the rewards of being an entrepreneurial worker in no time.

Online Shops in UAE for Dubai fashion and lifestyle

October 23rd, 2013

UAEFASThe fashion and lifestyle of the UAE have reached to the top limit in the world. But they don’t stop here. The country is trying their best to keep it up day by day. In this purpose, the United Arab Emirates government has declared an order to have a combination of public and private sector efforts for the revolutionary growth and sustainability of Dubai fashion and lifestyle. Their vision is to make Dubai the global fashion hub by vision 2020 including Online Shops in UAE.

A big construction has been started close to Business Bay area withDubai Design District as a developed business peripheral indeed. It is like all in one for business support as well as Dubai fashion and lifestyle and house design organizations. Design has always been an integral part of the very process of evolution and people have seen their past in the processes of architecture and fashion. Strategy of fashion and architecture is always connected as a part of every procedure of advancement. Refashioning those splendid instants from experiences worldwide has become a tendency and we keep to this lifestyle consistent. Online Shops in UAE are a phenomenon to reach the goal indeed.

Luxury fashion and lifestyle in Dubai has been expanding as a part of the artistic innovation and a lifestyle world. The craziest fashion andlifestyle in this area has become as an icon itself. A remarkable number of fashions, boutiques house and brands have multiplied in this area. As a result Dubai has become as a world shopping center. The development of Online Shops in UAE is another great way to spread products in Dubai fashion market to the potential consumers. Online shopping activities are also highly capable to deliver customers’ needs according to their scheduled place in time.

Dubai Fashion

Dubai Fashion

They apply Different strategies to attract not only the UAE customers but also the tourists coming from the corners of the world. They make Dubai fashion and lifestyle products and services fun and interactive to attract shoppers. The gateways collection from households,apparels to accessories, cosmetics, body care and insides items that are concerned with fashion and lifestyle appropriate to purchase.

They apply extraordinary features so that the product showcase at Online Shops in UAE is capable to impress potential customers. They apply several policies that help the customers taking decision according to the latest news and views of fashion and lifestyle. It greatly helps to reach to the highest trends of products they are promoting.

You will get a wide ranged variety of online shopping in Dubai. All things related to the online shopping are focused on websites which are very resourceful and friendly. You can enjoy a hassle free environment to choose your goods for online shops in Dubai as everything is just at a single click on the mouse.

The gross revenue from sales with fashion and lifestyle product in Dubai is highly remarkable. Accordingly the auxiliary development of Dubai fashion and lifestyle is also boosting the revenue figures. Improved hospitality and services in the UAE fashion and lifestyle industry has made Dubai a retail hub indeed. Things behind all this success is nothing but their changing and time favored strategies. It makes the potential customers feel the presence of Dubai fashion industries. Those who don’t like to go to any magnificent shopping mall or too busy to spare time can have a quick bargaining for Online Shops in UAE.

The secret of the success in Dubai fashion and lifestyle industry is a combination of high earnings, taste of fashion and luxury lifestyle, friendliness in the service and supply of quality products. This segment of Dubai fashion and luxury lifestyle products is taking better policy day by day to make more profit with the client’s satisfaction.